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Trophy Brewing Co.

Trophy Brewing Co.


827 W. Morgan St. Raleigh, NC
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Les Stewart
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Brewery Notes

Trophy Brewing Co. represents Chris Powers and David “Woody” Lockwood’s long-held dream of having their own brewery. A place where they can take ideas about and for beers, scratched down on napkins over late night drinking sessions, and turn them into a reality. Trophy is not big, we feature a 3 BBL brewhouse with 3 single batch and 2 double batch fermenters; but what does come out of those tanks; we take pride in.
Les Stewart, the head brewer, shares the vision that Chris and Woody have for beer. His passionate but playful approach to crafting beer returns a glass that surprises most beer drinkers. As the brewer’s assistant Josh Wing rounds out the trophy brewing team. Bringing the curiosity and excitement about beer that you should expect from this brewery, Josh is a perfect fit for Trophy.

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