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The Livery



190 5th Street
Postal Code:

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(269) 925-8760


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All of our Hand Forged Microbrews here at the Livery are painstakingly created by brewmaster Steve Berthel and his assistant, Wally Rouse, on a 10bbl. system of his own design. Closed fermenters allow for the use of many different yeast strains to assure that all our beer styles have their own unique flavor profile. Many of our high gravity beers are aged in a selection of oak barrels for up to a year. We feature 3 real ales every day, poured to perfection from our antique beer engines. Every 4th. Sunday of the month is Freakin' Firkin Sunday where we have live Irish Music, home made Ruebens, and 2 Firkins of real ale. We do not bottle our beer at this time, but we do offer our beer to retailers in 1/4 bbls. or 1/2 bbls. Please feel free to contact Steve at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more info. on distribution in your area. Cheers!

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