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Brewery - North America

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Penn Brewery


800 Vinial St.
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Pennsylvania Brewing Company, founded in 1986 by Tom Pastorius to brew authentic German beers, was the first craft brewer in Pennsylvania and a pioneer in the microbrewery movement. The brewery and its restaurant are located in the former Eberhardt and Ober Brewery in the historic Deutschtown section of Pittsburgh's North Side, where beer has been made since 1848. The buildings are listed on the National Register of Historic Sites. Penn Brewery is an authentic German brewery in every detail; from its solid copper brewhouse imported from Germany, fermentation and aging tanks, filtration equipment, kegging and bottling equipment to its imported ingredients, recipes, methods and German brewmaster. All beers are made in accordance with the German beer purity law called the Reinheitsgebot which means that only the four classic ingredients are used in our beer: malted barley (and/or wheat), hops, water and yeast. Adjuncts such as corn and rice are never used. Preservatives and stabilizers are never used. High gravity brewing is never done. Just real, honest, all natural beer made the way it's made in Germany!

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