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Brewery - North America

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Mt. Pleasant Brewing Company

Mt. Pleasant Brewing Company


614 W. Pickard St
Postal Code:

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Commercial Brewery
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Brewery Notes

Brewmaster, Kim Kowalski began his brewing career as an assistant brewer in Lansing, MI, at the Blue Coyote. After several years of brewing his own brews and lots of experimentation, Kowalski assisted the Blue Coyote head brewer for over a year before taking over the position. After a few years as the Blue Coyote head brewer, Kowalski managed the bottling line for the Michigan Brewing Company. While working for Michigan Brewing Company, Kowalski also gained brewing experience in two other local breweries; Harpers and Lansing Brewing Company.

It was at Robert Thomas Brewing Company of Grand Rapids, MI that Kowalski's career took shape, winning two consecutive gold medals at the United States Beer Tasting Event for his stout brew. Kowalski parlayed those successes to another opportunity at Bell's Brewery, where he got the experience in brewing microbrews in massive quantity. After all these opportunities, learning experiences and head brewer reputation in tow, Kowalski made the move to Mountain Town Station Brew Pub and Steakhouse, where after two years, the creation of Mount Pleasant Brewing Company expanded from Mountain Town, with Kowalski at the helm.

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