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Flat Earth Brewing Company


2035 Benson Avenue
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After years of careful planning and mortgaging everything the Flat Earth Brewing Company was brought to life in 2007 by head brewer Jeff Williamson and his wife Cathie. In search of a calmer life and an even better beer, Jeff turned his passion for brewing into a career. After a temporary stint at Northern Brewer and a job as an assistant brewer at Minneapolis Town Hall Brewery, Flat Earth opened in Saint Paul and set out to create beers not normally found in the upper Midwest. Flat Earth's distinctive brews are often inspired by the couple's travels and time spent in conversation with family and friends. The company's brewing on the edge philosophy is reflected in its stylish interpretation of traditional brewing assumptions. Today, Flat Earth Brewing produces a variety of artisan ales and lagers every month. As the beers roll out of the brewery, you're sure to see a theme develop around their names a hint of conspiracy, perhaps. The names are meant to get people thinking and talking. Whether you enjoy Flat Earth beers at home or out with friends, there are no secrets when it comes to good beer.

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