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619 10th St. South
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FINNEGANS was founded in 2000 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, from the belief that each and every one of us can make a difference in our community. And that true passion in that belief can move mountains and make magical things happen. When we created our first product, FINNEGANS Irish Amber, we made the decision to donate 100 percent of the profits back to the community where it's sold to help alleviate poverty. And we knew it was going to take hard work, unwavering passion, and even a little magic along the way to make it a sustainable effort. What a journey it's been. FINNEGANS Irish Amber is now sold throughout Minnesota, Wisconsin, and North Dakota. Since first being profitable in 2003, we have donated over $150,000 to the FINNEGANS Community Fund, which in turn has given grants to non-profits across the Midwest to support life-changing programs for the working poor. We plan to roll out a new FINNEGANS product in 2011, and eventually have an entire line of FINNEGANS branded products

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