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Brewery - North America

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El Toro Brewing Company


17605 Monterey Road
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Geno and Cindy Acevedo founded El Toro Brewing Company in the summer of 1992. After much planning, research and construction business was begun in March of 1994. The brewery is a small 17-barrel (527 gallon) batch system and operates on the Acevedo's rural residential property. Within seven months of opening El Toro Brewing Company received its first national recognition at the 1994 Great American Beer Festival (GABF). One of its flagships El Toro Oro Golden Ale won a coveted Gold Medal for English Pale Ale. At the 1996 GABF Poppy Jasper Amber Ale, the brewery's other flagship beer, won a Silver Medal for English Brown Ale. It is a mild yet robust brown ale. The 1997 GABF saw El Toro garner another Gold Medal for the American styled wheat beer named after the brewer's father-in-law, William Jones Wheat Beer. After 16 years of planning, Geno and Cindy Acevedo of Morgan Hill finally opened a brewpub on November 25 2006. El Toro Brewpub is a two floored building with patio. Inside is the world's only Poppy Jasper Bar. Featuring over 45 feet of gorgeously inlaid and polished Poppy Jasper rock into its surface. To the back of the large mirrored bar you will find over 25 beers and handcrafted sodas on tap. We also have a gleaming copper Pub Brewing system 3 BBL (100 gallon) brewery. Live music and dancing will also be a regular nighttime happening at the brewpub consisting of mostly local bands playing cover type and original Rock, Blues, Jazz and Reggae.

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