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Catawba Valley Brewing Company


P.O. Box 1154
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The Catawba Valley Brewing Company grew out of a simple gift, and the love of good beer. A beginner's home brewing kit given years ago began a passion for brewing that could only culminate with production on a larger scale. It seemed natural to take production from a few gallons to a few barrels and beyond. During the summer of 1999 the business that is now Catawba Valley Brewing Company was born.

In April of 2007 the brewery relocated from Glen Alpine, NC to downtown Morganton, NC. In the process we didn't lose a customer or miss a delivery. In fact we achieved record spring sales. In addition to relocating we've also opened our taproom to the public. We encourage those interested in finely crafted beers to stop by and try our selection of beers. Getting a fresher beer is a near impossibility.

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