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Black Creek Historic Brewery


Black Creek Pioneer Village
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416 736-1733
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Black Creek Historic Brewery recreates the techniques, tools and recipes used by brewers in 1860s Ontario. Our Brewmasters do everything by hand on a small scale. It's a great place to learn about beer because, unlike a modern commercial brewery, you can see every step in the process for yourself. And, no one else has a Brewmaster ready to welcome visitors in period costume.

In the 1860s there were 155 registered breweries in Ontario, and countless smaller operations. Black Creek Historic Brewery is the first in this province to replicate the brewing processes of that era, when there was no electricity or refrigeration, no stainless steel tanks or bottling plants.

The equipment at Black Creek Historic Brewery is made mainly of wood and copper, and the beer ferments the way it was done in the old days, with wooden barrels to age the beer. Malted barley is shoveled by hand into the wort tun where it is boiled into a mash. After filtering the solids through a linen cloth, the sugary liquid is boiled and hops are added, both for flavouring and as a natural preservative. Once the boiling is complete, the beer is put in barrels where the yeast is added. A short time later, the beer is ready!

Visitors can sample the beer at cellar temperature, the way it was enjoyed in the past, or drink a chilled pint in the pub, the way many people prefer it today. Either way, you

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