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BBC Brewing Co., LLC


636 East Main Street
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Bluegrass Brewing Co is proud to be the largest microbrewery located in the state of Kentucky. Reaching back over one hundred years, the city of Louisville has a rich and complex brewing history; a history that has provided BBC with a strong foundation on which to build and grow. It is a challenge we enthusiastically look forward to everyday. Led by our fearless brew master David Pierce who has been brewing award winning BBC beers for over fourteen years, our brewing philosophy is an audacious style that allows us to work diligently with the entire palette of malts and hops. This diligence and discipline is carefully brought to every batch that is brewed at Bluegrass Brewing Co. To truly enjoy life you have to love what you do�and we love brewing. Our sole focus relies on consistency and producing the best beer available. We hope that you will taste that bold style in every BBC beer that you drink. Enjoy great craft beer wherever you live and remember this most important piece of advice: Don't Buy Beer From Strangers . . . Support Your Local Brewery!

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