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  • Scottish Light 60/Heavy 70/Export 80

    Scottish Light 60/Heavy 70/Export 80

    All the Scottish Ale sub-categories (60, 70, 80) share the same description. The Scottish ale sub-styles are differentiated mainly on gravity and alcoholic strength, although stronger versions will necessarily have slightly more intense flavors (and more hop bitterness to balance the increased malt). Entrants should select the appropriate category based on original gravity and alcohol level.

    Traditional Scottish session beers reflecting the indigenous ingredients (water, malt), with less hops than their English counterparts (due to the need to import them). Long, cool fermentations are traditionally used in Scottish brewing.

    The malt-hop balance is slightly to moderately tilted towards the malt side. Any caramelization comes from kettle caramelization and not caramel malt (and is sometimes confused with diacetyl). Although unusual, any smoked character is yeast- or water-derived and not from the use of peat-smoked malts. Use of peat-smoked malt to replicate the peaty character should be restrained; overly smoky beers should be entered in the Smoked Beer category rather than here.

    1.030 - 1.035 1.010 - 1.013 10 - 20 9 - 17 2.5 - 3.2%
    1.035 - 1.040 1.010 - 1.015 10 - 25 9 - 17 3.2 - 3.9%
    1.040 - 1.054 1.010 - 1.016 15 - 30 9 - 17 3.9 - 5.0%
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