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Beer & Brewing Glossary

Welcome to our Beer & Brewing Glossary.


What we have tried to capture here are all of the terms we could come up with that might be of interest to a brewer or layperson alike. We endeavor to help in the education of the beer drinking masses.


If you can think of a term we are missing (no matter the language). Send us a comment here or Tweet is to us @TheCellarmonk

Brew Events No topics

Have a look here to find out about what happened at events or gathering.

Beer Festivals No topics

fes·ti·val Pronunciation (fst-vl) n. 1. An occasion for feasting or celebration, especially a day or time of religious significance that recurs at regular intervals. 2. An often regularly recurring program of cultural performances, exhibitions, or competitions: a beer festival. 3. Revelry; conviviality. adj. Of, relating to, or suitable for a feast or festival; festive.

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No topics

Beer Tastings No topics

Gathering together, those of like mind, that want to experience the varied world of beer. Whether it be just a gathering of friends or an organized event.

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No topics

Beer Gatherings No topics

When it just doesn't fit into any other event type, this is where you will find it. Whether its Blues and Beer, Opera and suds or clowns and kegs, you'll find it here

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No topics
Homebrew Clubs and other homebrew orgainzations events and outings

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No topics
Whether you're in a club or just brewing in your cellar, this is the place to find the information you need to see if your brew measures up

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No topics
You'll find events listed for conventions, conferences and seminars for industry members and other brewing professionals. You'll also find available classes and short courses for industry professionals

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No topics
Looking to increase your knowledge of the fine art of brewing, other than from the pages of a book? Look inside here for a schedule of training + exams.

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