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Tiny Rebel Brewing Company

Tiny Rebel Brewing Company


Unit 12A, Maesglas Industrial Estate
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+44 01633 547378
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Brewery Notes

Hey we’re Tiny Rebel, and welcome to our world.

It all began in a garage back in 2008 where me (Brad) and Gazz homebrewed on weekends. We got pretty good at it and as we are beer geeks at heart we always took things that one step further. In 2010 the idea for Tiny Rebel was born, with the result being our official launch in February 2012.

Only a year after opening, we took the Great Welsh Beer Festival by storm and won Gold (Dirty Stop Out), Silver (FUBAR) and Bronze (Urban IPA) in the Champion Beer of Wales competition.

...and only 4 months after that, we opened Cardiff's 1st ever, fully devoted craft beer bar called Urban Tap House. It's a beer drinkers haven, go check it out.

Our latest acheivement was winning Gold for the 2nd year running in the Champion Beer of Wales competition. This year FUBAR took the crown.

We'll keep updating this with every milestone we hit, but for the other bits, you can check out our blog and join us on our little journey through beer.


Brad & Gazz

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