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St. James Gate
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Smithwick’s is a brand with years of heritage. Starting in 1641 with John Smithwick in Kilkenny, who was left orphaned in the Irish rebellion, his is a tale of courage, determination, loyalty and triumph over adversity. He dragged himself up by the bootstraps and started a successful family of his own. He started brewing Smithwick’s ale in 1710 with the brewery mainly serving the local community. It gave the Smithwick family a sense of what’s important in life. The experience handed down through the generations has seen Smithwick’s thrive against the odds and has created a brewing dynasty that has flourished for over 300 years.

The Smithwick’s name has come to mean something to drinkers. Nine generations of Smithwick men worked all their lives to make it so. It speaks of quality, independence, confidence, reliability and the perfect marriage of technology and tradition.

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