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Quantum Brewing Company

Quantum Brewing Company


Victoria Works, Hempshaw Lane
Address 2:
Hempshaw Lane
Postal Code:

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Type of Brewery
Brewmaster / Head Brewer:
Jay Krause
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Brewery Notes

Quantum Brewing Company, established 2011, is a small craft microbrewery in Stockport, Manchester, making ales in cask, keg and bottle.

Quantum uses the very best ingredients available to craft quality products full of flavour and character. We understand that you work hard for the money you spend on beers so we invest heavily in the most flavoursome ingredients available, cutting no corners. We could use sugars and cheaper adjunct in place of malt, but we feel that this would compromise the quality of the resulting beer.

Quantum is dedicated to experimentation. We are not afraid to take a risk and brew a beer if the concept behind it is interesting, regardless of whether or not it has been brewed before. We are hugely independent.

Beer in Stockport has changed.

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