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Horsforth Brewery

Horsforth Brewery


Unit 1A, Park Centre, Station Road
Postal Code:

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+44 7854 078 330
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Brewery Notes

Operating on a part-time basis, Horsforth Brewery is run by innovative brewer Mark Costello. Horsforth Brewery aims to supply the local Horsforth and wider Leeds areas with tasty, quality beers.

Mark is keen to share his knowledge and passion, so is always willing to chat to others whilst enjoying some beers too!

Horsforth Brewery's flagship beer is 'Pale', and also offers an ever-changing range of specials, using lots of different ingredients to showcase a wide variety of beer styles.

All Horsforth Brewery beers are vegetarian friendly. Most are also vegan friendly, but please check when buying as some of the beers contain lactose.

The brewery logo is based on the iconic welcome sign that greets you as you enter Horsforth from Leeds.

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