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Hawkshead Brewery Ltd

Hawkshead Brewery Ltd


Mill Yard
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Beer from the heart
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Commercial Brewery
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+44 01539 822644
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+44 01539 822380
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Brewery Notes

Hawkshead Brewery is not in Hawkshead any longer, though it is still one of the best places to get our beer. Cask beer is in 2 of the 4 pubs in the village and in Near Sawrey at the other end of Esthwaite Water. Our bottled beers are on sale at Hawkshead Relish in Hawkshead.

The brewery grew so fast that in 2006 we had to move across the lake (Windermere, that is) to Staveley, at the foot of the Kentmere Valley.

Hawkshead Brewery is now in Mill Yard, Staveley, beside the River Kent, where we installed a new brewery, tailor-made by Moeschle (UK) Ltd. In 2010 we further expanded to increase brewing capacity and develop The Beer Hall.

The brewery's "brew length," the quantity that can be produced per brew, is 20 barrels, a brewer's barrel being 36 gallons. Seven fermenting vessels give us the capacity to produce 180 barrels of beer per week. At Hawkshead our capacity was 30 barrels.

Hawkshead Brewery was founded, by Alex Brodie, in July 2002, in a 17th century barn at Town End Farm, at the head of Esthwaite Water, just outside Hawkshead, on a second hand 7 barrel brew plant which came from the Border Brewery at Berwick-upon-Tweed ( now Hadrian Border Brewery in Newcastle.) The first four Hawkshead beers -- Bitter, Red, Lakeland Gold and Brodie's Prime were developed at Town End.

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