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Friesisches Brauhaus zu Jever


18 Elisabethufer
Postal Code:

Brewery Information

Type of Brewery
Commercial Brewery
Brewery Founded
Brewery Phone:
(4461) 13711
Tap/Tasting Room:
Not sure
Brewery Tours:
Not Sure
Business Affiliation:


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Brewery Notes

The manufacturers and importers of alcoholic beverages in Germany have a strict code of conduct relating to their advertising and communications subject.This Code is monitored by the German Advertising Council and regulates unequivocally allowed to judge what messages the manufacturer to which target groups in what form.

Jever is committed, as the entire Radeberger group, with emphasis to this Code and keeps it strictly a matter of course in all communication activities.For us, all messages and images are taboo, which are aimed at minors under the age tax or show minors consuming alcohol as well as professional athletes or ask for excessive alcohol consumption.The Code is for Jever, as for the entire Radeberger group, but no obligation self-image.He is before all of the Radeberger group operating agencies and defines the framework for all advertising and communication activities.

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