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Brewery - Europe

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ChristophBräu GmbH

ChristophBräu GmbH


Alois-Degler-Straße 3
Postal Code:

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+49 07225 - 70393
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Not sure
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Brewery Notes

We are a down to earth brewery with the aim to bring closer the production of beer in brewery tours to promote regional beer culture, the interested beer connoisseur or novice beer.
Our hotel offers a total of 200 guests for staying and being happy when you're at the brewhouse or in our next room.
In warm weather , the beer garden in the spa gardens in Bad Rotenfels with 500 seats an oasis of sociability.
Our bright, friendly guest room Clear in our bright, friendly hospitality we offer not only rustic, hearty dishes with everything related to beer, but also fresh and smart specialties from the region.
For cyclists, walkers, hikers, group travelers, corporate and family events we are a coveted address again and again. Families with children are of course welcome.

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