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Brewery - Europe

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Brewster’s Brewing Company Ltd

Brewster's Brewing Company Ltd


Unit 5 Burnside
Address 2:
Turnpike Close
Postal Code:

Brewery Information

Type of Brewery
Commercial Brewery
Brewmaster / Head Brewer:
Richard Chamberlin
Brewery Founded
Brewery Website:
Brewery Twitter:
Brewery Phone:
+44 01476 566000
Tap/Tasting Room:
Not sure
Brewery Tours:
Not Sure


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Brewery Notes

Welcome to Brewster’s Brewery

Founded in 1998 by Sara Barton who had a raging desire to brew fine innovative beers on an artisan scale

Sara and the brewery team continue to develop new beers and put a twist on old styles by incorporating the latest hop varieties. We like to think we are an all round brewery developing the experience to produce an array of beer styles with great flavours for all occasions whether in casks, kegs or bottles.

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