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Brewery - Europe

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Brasserie Grain d'Orge

Brasserie Grain d'Orge


38 rue Anatole
Postal Code:

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Commercial Brewery
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Brewery Notes

If Jeanne d’Arc could establish around her name the consumers of the latest century, those today wouldn’t be able to meet up with the values embodied by this name. In deciding to rename the firm Brewery “Grain d’Orge”, the new management wanted to clearly mark its will of being fully in harmony with the expectations of the new consumers: search for naturality, authenticity, conviviality but also innovation. “Grain d’Orge” is also a key product of the brewery that has known a two figure growth since its launching, growth which is the reflection of a product proposal suited to the new consumption expectations. Relying on a more than one hundred-year-old know-how (since 1898), the brewery “Grain d’Orge” becomes resolutely involved in the specialty beer market within which Belzebuth, the strongest pure malt beer throughout the world, “Secret des Moines”, perfect demonstration of the know-how of the Brewery and of her positioning and the “Grain d’Orge cuivrée”, lager and the “Cuvée 1898” (last born) are successes that assert themselves from day to day.

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