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Brasserie d Orval S.A.


Orval 2
Postal Code:

Brewery Information

Type of Brewery
Commercial Brewery
Brewery Founded
Brewery Website:
Brewery Phone:
Tel. 061-31 12 61
Brewery Fax:
Fax 061-31 29 27
Tap/Tasting Room:
Not sure
Brewery Tours:
Days Tours Available:
Hours vary, Please Check Website


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Brewery Notes

The Brewery is a Limited Company juridically distinct from the monastery and yet closely linked to it :

  • The Brewery belongs to the monastic Community ;
  • because it is established within the monastery grounds, the Brewery adapts its commercial policy to the Community's lived values (particular attention to the quality, ethic publicity, ... ) ;
  • the revenue from the licence-fee is at present devoted to charitable aid and to the upkeep of the monastery site.
  • The conditions for visiting the brewery are the folowing ones : to be "more than" tourists, having something to do with the beer distribution or coming from a brewery ; on weekdays ; on appointment; without any entry fees.

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