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Augustiner-Bräu Wagner KG

Augustiner-Bräu Wagner KG


Landsberger Straße 31-35
Postal Code:

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Commercial Brewery
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Brewery Phone:
+49 89 5 19 94 0
Brewery Fax:
+49 89 5 19 94 111
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Brewery Notes

Since 1328 on Augustiner beer had been brewed within the monastery of the Augustinian Brotherhood near the cathedral of Munich. After nearly 500 years of tradition, the secularization in 1803 and the following privatisation led to a privately owned company: Augustiner Bräu. In 1817 it moved to the Neuhauser Straße, the very same place where the renowned "Stammhaus" still stands today. In 1829 the Wagner family took over the company and eventually moved it to the "Kellerareal" at the Landsberger Straße in 1885. During the Second World War the brewery suffered heavy damage, but the whole complex was rebuilt soon after, regaining its old splendour and keeping it until today, especially the brick front that is listed as a historical monument. In recent times, substantial investments used to modernize Augustiner Bräu's facilities raised its efficiency and the overall production capacity. Two full-mechanical bottling plants take care of the bottled beer while the brewing masters can completely concentrate on the draught beer - filled in the traditional wooden barrels. We use only malt of rare quality still produced in the firm-own maltery. The whole company's hot water supply is warmed up with non-polluting natural gas and the steam clouds produced by the fermenting tanks are reused for power production, instead of being blown into the air like in old times. The brewing water, which has outstanding drinking quality, is pumped up from a firm-own well at a depth of 230 m. The resulting excellent beer is also dispensed at the brewery's internal tavern, the "Bräustüberl", at the Landsberger Straße.

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