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California Common Beer

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  • California Common Beer

    California Common Beer

    Aroma: Typically showcases the signature Northern Brewer hops (with woody, rustic or minty qualities) in moderate to high strength. Light fruitiness acceptable. Low to moderate caramel and/or toasty malt aromatics support the hops. No diacetyl.


    Appearance: Medium amber to light copper color. Generally clear. Moderate off-white head with good retention.


    Flavor: Moderately malty with a pronounced hop bitterness. The malt character is usually toasty (not roasted) and caramelly. Low to moderately high hop flavor, usually showing Northern Brewer qualities (woody, rustic, minty). Finish fairly dry and crisp, with a lingering hop bitterness and a firm, grainy malt flavor. Light fruity esters are acceptable, but otherwise clean. No diacetyl.


    Mouthfeel: Medium-bodied. Medium to medium-high carbonation.


    Overall Impression: A lightly fruity beer with firm, grainy maltiness, interesting toasty and caramel flavors, and showcasing the signature Northern Brewer varietal hop character.

    1.048 - 1.054 1.011 - 1.014 30 - 45 11 - 14 4.5 - 5.5%

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    Firestone Walker Pale 31
    firestonewalkerfirestonewalker   520 0 1 0

    Beer Information

    Alcohol by Volume (ABV):
    Available Year-round
    Pale 31 is an ode to our home state of California—the 31st to be named in fact. Beer may not be associated with terroir the way wine is, but we believe that where we’re from impacts how our beers taste. This California Style Pale Ale represents the bold yet...
    0 (0)
    Mountain Goat Beer Organic Steam Ale
    MonkMonk   795 0 1 0

    Beer Information

    Alcohol by Volume (ABV):
    International Bitterness Units (IBU):
    28 IBU's
    Available Year-round
    The Steam is a crisp, certified organic ale. We incorporate some wheat malt in the grist make up and ferment it cool. We use Hallertau adn Citra hops along with a light dose of Galaxy flowers at the end. This is a conservatively hopped beer that comes in at about...
    0 (0)
    2 results - showing 1 - 2

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