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Enville Brewery Enville Ale

Enville Brewery Enville Ale

Beer Information

Serving types:
  • Cask Conditioned
  • Box
Best Served in:
Pint (Nonic or Tumbler)
Alcohol by Volume (ABV):
Available Year-round

Product Notes

The award winning ale that is responsible for the company's success today. A traditional beekeepers ale, pale yellow, a fruity bitter with an initial sweetness progressing to a complex dry hoppy taste based on an old nineteenth century recipe.

Enville Ale is produced using 100% Maris Otter floor malted barley and top fermenting ale yeast. It is processed through an initial very rapid fermentation followed by a priming process using selected honeys which are specially processed (patent pending) and then allowed to secondary ferment before being lagered (stored at cold temperature) for a precise period of time. This process enables the brewery to produce conditioned beer with a controlled yeast count in cask - the result is a traditional cask conditioned beer in which the carbonation has been carefully controlled.

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