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Brew Journey - Homebrewing

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Welcome to CellarMonk - Beer's Home-Brew Pages

All of us start our journey into the world of home-brewing with a little trepidation.  We hope this section will help take some of the fear out of your brewing experiences.

When this author brewed his first batch of extract brew, he didn't stir quick enough when it was time to put the extract in.  Scorch-a-rooney.  That's what we want to help people avoid.  We have some unique sections here to help on the journey from novice to accomplished.  More will be added as the collective knowledge-base grows.

You'll find something interesting, we hope, in the following sections:

Brew Foodie - CellarMonk's food recipe book.  If you have a dish (with beer as an ingredient), let us know.  All the typical cookbook categories are there, including dessert.

Brew it Yourself (BIY) - This is where we plan on exploring all facets of home-brewing.  We hope to do this using all the available Internet mediums available today.  Self produced Pod-casts, videos, web-casts, chat sessions.  If it's available, we will try and get it in there.  This will also be the place to find step by step instructions on home-brewing.  If you have something you would like to share, let us know.

Ask the Abbot - Coming Soon.  You send in the questions and we will try and answer them.  If we don't have the right answer, we'll try and line up someone who does.

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