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Congratulations to our friends at Brasserie de Brunehaut for having two of their gluten-free beers selected in the top ten of Paste Magazine's "The 14 Best (and Worst) Gluten-Free Beers".

I know that brewer Marc-Antoine De Mees works very hard to make the very best gluten-free beers available and this helps solidify his position in the niche of gluten-free products.

Comments about Brunehaut's beers, according to Paste,

Brunehaut Bio Amber{xtypo_quote}3. Brunehaut Ambrée

For Fans Of: Ommegang Abbey Ale
The verdict: Belgian brewery Brunehaut has figured out how to use barley in its ales and extract the gluten after the fact. Though it measures at the same “less than five parts per million” of gluten that non-barley beers do, it’s regulated by a different government agency in the U.S. and can’t use the “gluten-free” tag. But it’s the best solution we’ve seen yet for those with gluten allergies.{/xtypo_quote}


{xtypo_quote}1. Brunehaut Bio Blonde

For Fans Of: Maredsous 8
The verdict: Not just a great gluten-free beer but a great beer, Brunehaut’s Blonde is a well-balanced Tripel and a wonderful step forward in the world of
Brunehaut Bio Blondgluten-free beer. Starting with barley and extracting gluten from it seems to be the best way to go.{/xtypo_quote}

Well done, Marc and everyone else at Brunehaut.  Keep up the fantastic work

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