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Inveralmond Logo

CellarMonk's "Featured Brewery" for the month of March is the The Inveralmond Brewery Limited, located in Perth, Scotland.


Three new triple purpose vesselsReplacing the last brewery in Perth (closed its doors in 1966), Inveralmond opened its doors in 1997. Seemingly in a constant state of growth since then, the brewery just added three new 30 barrel triple-purpose vessels (fermentation, conditioning and carbonating). 

Inveralmond has crafted a number of great beers making use of the naturally pure waters of the Perthshire region. Their lineup includes both classic and seasonal ales. The classic lineup starts with Independence, (a 3.8% Best Bitter) and winding through Ossian (4.1% Best Bitter), Thrappledouser (4.3% Best Bitter), Lia Fail (4.7% Premium Bitter), Sunburst (4.8% Bohemian Pilsner) and ending with Blackfriar (a 7.0% Wee Heavy). For seasonal ales, Inveralmond produces Duncan's IPA (4.4% Engish IPA - Available February-April), Inkie Pinkie (3.7% Small Beer - Available May-September), Pundie (5.0% Premium Bitter/ESB - Available October & November) and lastly Santa's Swallie (4.3% Christmas Ale - Available late November & December). 


Inveralmond Brewery's beers have already been added to the CellarMonk Beer Database.  Have a look at them, and if you like, go ahead and register and reviewKen-May-2009 them.  About mid-March we will be posting an interview with Inveralmond Brewery's Head Brewer Ken Duncan.  We will continue throughout the month to work  with Inveralmond to provide an inside look at this wonderful Scottish Brewery and its people.  

Brewery Information:

The Inveralmond Brewery Limited
22 Inveralmond Place
United Kingdom

Phone: +44(0)1738 449 448
Fax: +44(0)1738 444 755
Email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Brewery Shop Opening Hours (for branded gifts and Inveralmond's popular beers):

Monday        10:00am - 16:30pm
Tuesday       10:00am - 16:30pm
Wednesday  10:00am - 16:30pm
Thursday      10:00am - 16:30pm
Friday          10:00am - 16:30pm
Sat & Sun    Closed

Inveralmond is also operates a licensed bar at 2PM each Friday. Check the website for details.

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