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{xtypo_dropcap}Y{/xtypo_dropcap}ou may be wondering, what exactly is a CellarMonk?  If you were to break the word down, then you could define "cellar" as (a room or enclosed space used for storage).  To define "monk" is to say (a person who is a member of a brotherhood, devoted to a discipline).  When taken together we define a CellarMonk as someone devoted to the caretaking of that which can be found in the cellar or can be cellared.  

This site is designed for the devotion to beer.  We are here to store and reinforce the vast knowledge of the art of beer and brewing, the enjoyment of beer (from mass market to premium craft beers) and the bringing together of those with a similar devotion.

Beer enthusiasts tend to be, how should we say, eclectic. From newbie to expert you should be able to find answers to many of your beer questions.View from the Pub

We at CellarMonk are not beer experts. We are beer enthusiasts. We won't judge. We all have friends that have gone from "Belgian Dark Strong Ale" to "Light American Lager" in the same night (not often, but it happens).

So please, have a look around. Go ahead and post. Suggest a Beer or a Brew Spot. Suggest something that you don't see, but wish the site had (we are always looking for ways to make the site better).

Most of all though, have fun.

So go ahead, Join the Order and we'll see you in the Cellar.


The Abbot

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