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International IPA Day is just around the corner, August 2nd.

On Thursday August 2nd, the craft brewing world will raise a collective glass for the iconic and centuries old style, India Pale Ale.  IPA

From Wikipedia:

 {xtypo_quote}India Pale Ale or IPA is a style of beer within the broader category of pale ale. It was first brewed in England in the 19th century.  The first known use of the expression "India pale ale" comes from an advertisement in the Liverpool Mercury newspaper published January 30, 1835. Before January 1835, and for some time after this date, this style of beer was referred to as "pale ale as prepared for India", "India Ale", "pale India ale" or "pale export India ale". {/xtypo_quote}

American brewers have taken the IPA and made it their own.  Adding domestically grown hop varieties and increasing the hops addition has created some very unique beers.  

For more information on International #IPADay visit following Twitter personalities @TheBeerWench and @RyanARoss

So, which IPA would you choose to salute the style on August 2nd?

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Other Suggestions:

"Lake Placid IPA by Lake Placid Craft Brewing." - Posted by David Hay
"In Cornwall, Harbour Brewing Company IPA and St Austell Brewery Proper Job IPA" - Posted by Darren Norbury
"Proper Job!" -- Posted by Sarah Young           

[Correction:  We had previously listing IPA Day as happening on August 4th.  When actually it was August 2nd.  Please accept our apologies]

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