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Are you a Monk that knows their way around the kitchen? If so, please honor us with a recipe combining the varied nuances of beer with other palette pleasing ingredients. Original recipes only. Please do not submit copywritten materials.

Our taste buds thank you!
Note: Recipes found here are user submitted. CellarMonk dot com acts as an editor only and does not change any of the submitted recipes. All typical food warnings should be adhered to (rare to raw meat can contain bad stuff, those with peanut allergies are advised not to cook with peanuts, etc.). Please be careful and enjoy.

There are no articles in this category. If subcategories display on this page, they may have articles.


Dessert beer ice cream, stout cupcakes. Beer and its natural sweetness can be found in quite a few desserts.  Find them here.

A wine cocktail is a mixed drink similar to a true cocktail. It is made predominantly with wine, into which distilled alcohol or other drink mixer is combined.

Although this one is a little more diffcult, in this category you should be able to find wine made dips and all the tasty treats that go so great with beer.

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