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{xtypo_dropcap}A{/xtypo_dropcap}h, just another day in the Brewniverse. Beer weeks are in full swing (San 337 beer emotionsFrancisco this coming week, London the following week), festivals are in planning, one-offs are being brewed, sun shining, birds chirping...you get the idea. 

It seems though, that all is not well in certain parts of the Brewniverse. The brewing Death Star, AB/Inbev, owner of multiple macro brands and now the owner of a growing list of "craft" brewers, fired a volley across the entire craft brewing galaxy when it aired a rather pointed commercial during the most recent Superbowl. The commercial, according to a company spokesman, was meant to paint their Budweiser brand as a brand for the working man. Not a beer to be "fussed" over. 

What was your opinion of the commercial?  

NOTE: Mouse (fingermove) over each item to vote.  

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I thought the commercial was great, I am on my way to by some Buds now||
Smart company, dumb commercial||
Can you spell hypocrites||
Them's fightin' words||
"Brewed the hard way", I'll show them brewing the hard way!||
Just par for the course for this brewer||
I didn't realize only men fussed over beer (according to the commercia)||
$6,000,000 dollars wasted||

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