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Welcome to CellarMonk Brew University.

Things that you can expect to find in the Brew University are areas of higher learning
in the study of beer, beer styles, beer terms or just about anything related to beer or brewing.

We will be working to add as much information to the Brew University as we can.  Feel free to submit content to
Cellarmonk that you think the community as a whole can learn from. 

Right now the Brew University curriculum consists of the following:

The Brew Glossary - Actually 5 glossaries rolled into one.  Not only will you find beer and brewing terms in
english, but you will also find German brewing terms, Flemish brewing terms, Humorous beer terms and Tasting + Troubleshooting terms.  We would like to make this the most extensive beer glossary on the internet, so please feel free to suggest terms that we are missing (the term with its definition would be nice).

The Brew Library - Books and items that have been read or used by members that may help you in your understanding or enjoyment of beer and brewing.  Users will have to ability to review items (much like Amazon), creating a rich digest of knowledge with personal insight.

Brew Styles by Category - Exactly what it says.  All of the BJCP Styles Guidelines** broken down by category.

Beer Glassware - A breakdown of the many different types of beer glassware.  Images and explanations.

BeerAware Quizzes - This is coming soon.  It will consist of short beer knowledge quizzes to see how deep your knowledge is, and how it stacks up with the beer geeks and the graybeards out there.

**BJCP Style Guidelines are used with permission  Beer Judge Certification Program, Inc.  These guidelines are subject to change at any time.  For more information visit  www.bjcp.com

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