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Blichmann BeerGun

Blichmann BeerGun

Homebrewing Equipment Information

Blichmann Engineering
We all love the simplicity of kegging, but the oxygenation and foaming from bottling for transportation is an annoying inconvenience. Powered by patented Quiescent Flow Technology℠, the BeerGun™ takes aim at these common problems – purging a bottle with CO2 and filling it with minimal foam or carbonation loss. The BeerGun™ makes bottling as simple as pushing a purge valve and pulling a trigger for beer!

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Pulling the homebrew trigger
Overall rating 
Worked as Designed 
Ease of Use 
Would Recommend 

I've owned a Blichmann BeerGun for a few years now and find it to be very reliable. Use is straightforward and the instructions provided are quite adequate.

Cleaning can be a bit of a hassle and there are a few parts that can easily be lost, but all in all a nice piece of homebrew gear that allows for the quick filling of bottles with little hassle once it's set up.

Would recommend.

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