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North Carolina Craft Brewers Guild

North Carolina Craft Brewers Guild


PO Box 27921
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Our Mission

To promote North Carolina as The State of Southern Beer, and to position North Carolina as a leader among the best craft beer states in the nation

Our Vision

The North Carolina Craft Brewers Guild (NCCBG) is a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to advance the interests of the craft breweries of North Carolina and to promote North Carolina craft beer.

We seek to establish the NCCBG as:

  • the recognized voice for North Carolina craft beer in national and state policy matters;

  • a reliable resource and reference for our membership base, the media, and the general public;

  • a leading advocate for North Carolina craft beer across all five tiers (supplier, brewer, wholesaler, retailer, and consumer); and 

  • a vibrant, enthusiastic coalition of craft brewers proud to promote and showcase North Carolina craft beer.


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