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Allen Huerta
TheCellarMonkTheCellarMonk   19 0 1 0
Lazy Homebrewer, Beer Enthusiast, Whiskey, Certified Cicerone®, Certified BJCP Judge, Paramedic, Wish European Beer Followed Me, Living the Two Wheeled Life.
Chalonda White - Afro Beer Chick
TheCellarMonkTheCellarMonk   24 0 2 0
Drinking My Way Through Life One Awesome Beer At A Time. Chalonda is a lover of life and all of the madness that comes with it. After being introduced to craft beer in 2009, she briefly sat as a local chapter...
Lisa Grimm
TheCellarMonkTheCellarMonk   26 0 1 0
I write about beer, beer history, horse racing and (very occasionally) other exciting and totally-not-arcane topics. I don’t do it for free (beyond my own blogs – I got sick of doing The Examiner as the time vs pay calculation wasn’t great there) unless it’s a Very Special...
Melissa Cole
TheCellarMonkTheCellarMonk   31 0 1 0
Melissa Cole’s passion is life is getting people to learn as little, or as much, as they want about what she considers the finest social lubricant known to humankind - beer. Respected the world over for her fine palate, she is invited to judge at competitions...
4 results - showing 1 - 4

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