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Beery Podcasts

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Brew Nation Podcast

Join four friends as we navigate modern life over a beer or two. With interviews, tastings and reviews; it’s hard work, we promise!

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Beer with Nat

On every episode of ‘Beer with Nat’, Natalya shares a beer and a chat with people who do what they love for a living… they work in the beer industry.

From head brewers, to packaging managers, to beer writers, and PRs, they’ve sat down with Nat to share their stories about what got them into beer, what they do for a living, what they love about the industry, and so much more. And as most people end up in this industry by pursuing a passion or chasing a dream, you can bet each guest has some pretty incredible stories to tell.

Following the philosophy ‘If you can’t, see you can’t be’, Natalya is passionate about shining a spotlight on the incredible women in the beer industry and allowing each to tell her story in her own words.

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Beernomicon is a podcast hosted by Ross and Tom, shit talking the finer points of beer.
Based outta the North of England.

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Belgian Smaak

We sit down with some of the most high profile people in the world of Belgian beer to discuss beer styles, brands and the stories behind the breweries.

We want to find out what makes beer culture in Belgium so unique.

The Belgian Smaak podcast was named as the Best Beer Podcast in 2018 by the North American Guild of Beer Writers.

It was shortlisted for the Best Beer Broadcast by the British Guild of Beer Writers in 2017 and nominated by New Media Europe as a finalist for the Award of ‘World’s Best Podcast of 2016’.

Special thanks to those that help make this podcast possible, including: Leander Meuris (sound engineer); Sophie Callewaert (photographer); Mike Kearney and Dave Wallace (music composition and recording); Visit Flanders; and Visit Brussels.

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Beer O’clock Show #Hopinions

Our Hopinions podcasts are built around listener interaction. At the heart of this are the #Hopinions polls that we run every Sunday evening on Twitter. They give us the community’s feel for a particular subject and provide us with loads of great content to include in the podcasts that in turn sparks our own debate and discussion.

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