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Good Beer Guide Prague & the Czech Republic

Good Beer Guide Prague & the Czech Republic

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Averaging 281 pints of ale per capita per year, the Czech Republic is far and away the worldÂ’s leader in beer consumption. As this handy guidebook of beer shows, Czechs are equally expert in brewing beer as well. Listings and analyses are provided of all the major Czech beers as well as lesser-known brews that are only available within the country, from the highly alcoholic X-33 to the unique, nonpasteurized version of Pilsner Urquell. A guide is also offered to the top pubs, breweries, and drinking holes across the nation, as well as to such unique locations as the Chodovar brewery, which offers full-body beer baths, and the Pelhrimov brewery, which hosts free, open-air rock concerts. Filled to the brim with history, trivia, information on inns and accommodations, and extensive backstories, this is an essential resource for beer lovers and world travelers alike.

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