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A Beer History: A Day at a Time Through the Year

A Beer History: A Day at a Time Through the Year

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When you take that first pleasing sip of your favorite brew, do you ever wonder where it came from? Not who made it or where it was bottled, but where and how beer itself was born. You might think of German or British brewers, but A Beer History: A Day at a Time Through the Year takes you back to beer’s earliest beginnings—ancient Sumeria, some four to six thousand years ago.

Did you know…

-- As Noah made preparations for the ark, beer was there; Assyrian tablets show that he took ale aboard to sustain his family.

-- Sophocles wrote that a balanced diet should include bread, meat, vegetables, and a daily beer.

-- March 1, 1916: Pabst seemed to predict prohibition with the release of its non-alcoholic near-beer, Pablo.

-- April 7, 1933: Budweiser Clydesdales made their first promotional appearance.

-- July 28, 2003: Merriam-Webster dictionary would include the term “longneck.”

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