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wheatAs the name implies, this glass is used for the consumption of wheat beers. A rather tall glass, the weizen glass has a mouth that is considerably wider than its base. This reflects the beer's allowance for space for the thick creamy white head associate with the wheat beer style.The typical German wiezen glass holds 1/2 litre of beer. Other styles (Belgian wit) can be found in glasses measuring .25 litres or .33 litres.When toasting with a weizen glass, it is customary to touch the bases of the glasses instead of the body of the glasses (due to the risk of breaking the relatively thin upper portion). It is also a good idea to not let a beer linger in these glasses due to the large surface area (beer warms faster).Highlights: Large glass suited perfectly to it beer. Allows for large head and the sometimes unique phenols (yeast aromas) to be showcased.

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