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The Secret Life of Beer

The Secret Life of Beer

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Beer has inspired, influenced, and excited human beings for thousandsof years and Alan D. Eames, the certified “king of beer,” has traveledthe world uncovering The Secret Life of Beer. In this book,he reveals untold stories, lore, and references to beer in poetry,song, literature, and history. Readers will be astonished to learn theesoteric facts Eames has discovered, such as that in most ancientcultures only women were allowed to brew, and for much of history beerwas considered a nourishing alternative to drinking water!

Fromits origins among early civilizations to a hallowed place in thehistory of mankind, the art, the history, the culture, and the mysteryof fermented beverages is the subject of historical fact, mythologicalspeculation, and philosophical enquiry. The Secret Life of Beer! shares bits and pieces of this intriguing cultural history, along withquotes from such diverse beer drinkers as Nietzsche and Charles Darwin,in an inviting, highly browseable format.

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