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BPONG 8-Foot, Portable Beer Pong Table - White

BPONG 8-Foot, Portable Beer Pong Table - White

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BPONG is committed to delivering quality products and superior service to promote the game of beer pong. BPONG's dedication to the game is the reason it is the most seasoned beer pong-related company, and this dedication to the game shows in these quality beer pong tables. The table is framed with sturdy aluminum and sports a black, glossy melamine surface with top-quality graphics. The table surface is water resistant, and with proper care, will remain in top condition for years of pongin' enjoyment. Folding up into a large briefcase-like box, BPONG tables are one of the most portable tables on the market, making them perfect for tailgating, camping, or storing while not in use. Nonetheless, the table easily unfolds and sets up as a full-sized beer pong table. Although there is no "official" beer pong table, BPONG tables are the only tables you will see at The World Series of Beer Pong. So if you want to train on the table on which the best players in world compete for the title of World Beer Pong Champion and play for big money, you've got to go with BPONG tables.

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