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Beer Facts, Figures & Fun

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Once looked down upon as a commoners' drink, beer has now regained its rightful -- and historical -- position as one of our greatest libations and today there is a a growing awareness not just of excellent domestic beers but also of beers from all over the world. Beer now has its snobs every bit as much as wine does.

The old adage that the best way to find out about beer is to drink it has its obvious drawbacks -- notable among them being that you may forget more than you learn. Either way, you will find plenty in this book to set your tastebuds tingling. From the dark, impenetratable mysteries of stout to the delicacy of pilsner, from the sternness of barley wine to the hoppy fruitiness of a summer ale -- here, in one brief international survey, are not just the facts but the legends, not just the best-known beers but the curios you may have to dare yourself to drink.

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