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Baltic Porter

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  • Beer
  • Strong European Beer
  • Baltic Porter

    Baltic Porter

    Aroma: Rich malty sweetness often containing caramel, toffee, nutty to deep toast, and/or licorice notes. Complex alcohol and ester profile of moderate strength, and reminiscent of plums, prunes, raisins, cherries or currants, occasionally with a vinous Port-like quality. Some darker malt character that is deep chocolate, coffee or molasses but never burnt. No hops. No sourness. Very smooth.

    Appearance: Dark reddish copper to opaque dark brown (not black). Thick, persistent tan-colored head. Clear, although darker versions can be opaque.

    Flavor: As with aroma, has a rich malty sweetness with a complex blend of deep malt, dried fruit esters, and alcohol. Has a prominent yet smooth schwarzbier-like roasted flavor that stops short of burnt. Mouth-filling and very smooth. Clean lager character; no diacetyl. Starts sweet but darker malt flavors quickly dominates and persists through finish. Just a touch dry with a hint of roast coffee or licorice in the finish. Malt can have a caramel, toffee, nutty, molasses and/or licorice complexity. Light hints of black currant and dark fruits. Medium-low to medium bitterness from malt and hops, just to provide balance. Hop flavor from slightly spicy hops (Lublin or Saaz types) ranges from none to medium-low.

    Mouthfeel: Generally quite full-bodied and smooth, with a well-aged alcohol warmth (although the rarer lower gravity Carnegie-style versions will have a medium body and less warmth). Medium to medium-high carbonation, making it seem even more mouth-filling. Not heavy on the tongue due to carbonation level. Most versions are in the 7-8.5% ABV range.

    Overall Impression: A Baltic Porter often has the malt flavors reminiscent of an English brown porter and the restrained roast of a schwarzbier, but with a higher OG and alcohol content than either. Very complex, with multi-layered flavors.

    1.060 - 1.090 1.016 - 1.024 20 - 40 17 - 30 5.5 - 9.5%
    3 results - showing 1 - 3
    Crooked Stave Coffee Baltic Porter
    TheCellarMonkTheCellarMonk   5 0 1 0

    Beer Information

    Serving types:
    • 20L Keg
    • 50L Keg
    • (12 fl oz) Cans
    • Sixpack
    Alcohol by Volume (ABV):
    Seasonal/Limited Release
    Baltic Porter Aged with Artisan Coffee Beans Part of our Limited Release Series, Coffee Baltic Porter focuses on the art of coffee roasting, showcasing the uniqueness of this single ingredient. Through conditioning our baltic porter with freshly roasted beans we strive for a balanced coffee character,...
    0 (0)
    Skull Coast Gallows Point Imperial Porter
    MonkMonk   698 0 1 0

    Beer Information

    Serving types:
    On Tap
    Alcohol by Volume (ABV):
    International Bitterness Units (IBU):
    60 IBU's
    • Winter
    • Fall
    Our Fall & Winter Seasonal, Gallows Point, is an Imperial Porter made with real Chocolate & Macadamia Nuts. There is nothing on the market like it, and it was recently named one of the Top 20 American Porters in the United States by BeerAdvocate.
    0 (0)
    MonkMonk   550 0 0 0

    Beer Information

    Serving types:
    • On Tap
    • 1/6BBL
    • 1/2BBL
    • Growler
    Alcohol by Volume (ABV):
    Seasonal/Limited Release
    The White Street Baltic Porter is our fall seasonal. This full-bodied porter is brewed at a higher gravity and fermented at cooler temperatures. Rich chocolate and dark fruits transition to a subdued roasty finish.
    0 (0)
    3 results - showing 1 - 3

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