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Grand Opening

Here ye, here ye.  Cellarmonk.com is now open.

We're  young.  We need content.  Help us out.

We will say right now, that there are still blemishes, but those will be worked out.

So, come on in.  Look around.  Send our link to your Facebook status and invite others to some and look around.

Help us make CellarMonk.com the place to be on the web for those who know beer or would like to know it better!

Go ahead and register, it's free.

And lastly, Thank you for giving us a look.

Cheers,  The Abbot

Join Us

Help Us Grow!
Won't you join us in the Cellar for a few beers? CellarMonk~Beer is run by beer enthusiasts for the beer enthusiasts. A basic membership is always free and allows you to read, rate and review all beer entries and much more. Click below to create an account... and help us build a greater following!