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Spend time traveling in search of the most unique beers?  Attend multiple beer festivals in a year?  Go to beer competitions?
This section is dedicated to you.

Here we hope you will find what you need to make your traveling easier or a place to jot down some notes about your experience.

This section includes:

Beerectory Assistance - Think of it as the Yellow Pages® for the yellow stuff (and amber and brown and ruby, etc.).  Whether you are looking for a Bar or a Pub or a home brew shop, this is the place to find them.  Each listing will have all the information you need.  Please let us know how we might make this directory better.

* Cellarmonk.com is not affiliated with Yellow Pages, a registered trademark of AT&T Corporation.

Wandering Monks Blog - (Coming Soon)  Want a place to write about your travels (while on them or just returned), this is the place.  If you think its interesting and think others might too (example, a friend travels every year with his buddies to Europe to explore the epicenter of beer, each time in a different place/country), let us know.  We'll give them a spot to chronicle their adventures.  We'll also open up comments so people can make suggestions or express their jealousy.

Monks Around the World - (Coming Soon)  A visual view of the locations of the last 150 logged-in monks.

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