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Brew Reviews & Ratings

What it's all about.

These are the Brew Reviews.  This section is dedicated to the User reviewing and rating of beer, plain and simple. All of the categories defined in the "Brew Ratings & Review" area adhere to the style guidlines** set forth by the BJCP (Beer Judge Certification Program).  Organized into ther respective sections, you'll be able to search through any of the categories defined by the BJCP (including Cider & Perry).

We at CellarMonk set up our review system to mimic one of the more popular criteria systems for judging beer.  Rating and reviewing beer is assessing and evaluating beer using a point system. Cellarmonk.com has designed their rating and review system to reflect the same characteristics and weighting as used in a typical beer judging (BJCP) competition (?/50).   To assist in rating and reviewing a specific beer, the criteria for each style (broken out into their characteristics) is available during your review, just by "mousing" over the Information next to the individual characteristic.

More breweries and their beers are added all the time (users can add those too).  So go ahead, give it a try and let us know what you think.
Registration takes only moments.  Go ahead and Register and head on over to the review section.

Brew Reviews & Ratings 


** This site is not endorsed by the BJCP.  Styles and definition information used with permission of the BJCP

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