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We at CellarMonk want to make this site as global as we can.  Some of us have traveled the world in search of the best beer, most unique pub or brewery or just to get lousy drunk with some friends in a foriegn country (or state for that matter).

We aim to make this section the one where you can experience a little bit of the world flavor of beer and brewing without ever leaving the house.

To help us accomplish this, have the following items to use:

Beerectory Assistance- Think of it as the Yellow Pages® for the yellow stuff (and amber and brown and ruby, etc.).  Whether you are looking for a Bar or a Pub or a homebrew shop, this is the place to find them.  Each listing will have all the information you need.  Please let us know how we might make this directory better.

* Cellarmonk.com is not affiliated with Yellow Pages, a registered trademark of AT&T Corporation.

Wandering Monks Blogs - Do you travel specifically to find unique beers?  Do you try a different bar or pub while away on business, just to get the local flavor?  If you think you have something unique to share, let us know.  Access to create a travelblog is processed individually.  Please send a personal message to TheAbbot detailing you planned trip or one that you just completed so that he might set up blog space for you.  These don't have to be specific trips to find beer.  Traveling to a wedding, sporting event or something of the sort and come across a unique beer situation, lets hear about it.

Monks Around the World - A visual demonstration of the most recent 150 logged in monks.

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