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Thank you for finding CellarMonk - Beer. 

This site was created for beer people by beer people.  Be they the "beer drinker" or "beer judge", all are welcome.  We have created many different methods for you to connect with other beer enthusiasts and interact on the site. For Example:

  • Beer & Brewery Database - Our growing database of Brewers and their beers.  Both of these with extra information not found at the other large beer review sites.
  • Brew Reviews - The reviews are USER generated.  They are modeled on the BJCP scoresheet and weighted by individual criteria.
  • Brew Chants - our forum
  • Monk Mail - the personal messaging system for users to interact with each other
  • Brew Happenings - Our event listings
  • Beerectory Assistance - Our listing of beer establishments from all over the world.
  • Much, much more.

Beer enthusiasts tend to be, how should I say, eclectic.  From newbie to expert you should be able to find answers to many of your beer questions.  
We at CellarMonk are not beer experts.  We are beer enthusiasts.  We won't judge.  We all have friends that have gone from "Belgian Dark Strong Ale" to "Light American Lager" in the same night (not often, but it happens).

So please, have a look around.  Go ahead and register.  Suggest a Beer or a Brew Spot.  Suggest something that you don't see, but wish the site had (we are always looking for ways to make the site better).

Most of all though, have fun.

And please, we want this to be a global site, so go right ahead and post in your native tongue. That's what internet translators are for.



~Revere Beer~

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