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{xtypo_dropcap}H{/xtypo_dropcap}ave an idea for an interesting article or post on beer?  Have something on your mind that you just want to get out to the world?  Come be a guest blogger at beer.cellarmonk.com! 

The beer world is immense, so the number of post ideas is equally as large.  Let us hear your ideas.

Guest blog posts should be well written and more Hopduvel that PBR.  Bland is found in the New York Times or Time Magazine.  Beer readers want something to ponder or chuckle at.  Both of these will stick in the mind of readers. If you think you can provide that hop spice in a mashable article, let us know.

So if you believe your beer experience would make good copy, reach out to us here: Contact Us.  Select "Guest Blog" from the subject list. 

Guest blogger Guidelines

Guest blog post submission process is extremely simple:

  • Relevant Content – to maximize the benefits of your article it has to be on one of the topics covered on this site to ensure good response. Simply look at the list of content hosted on CellarMonk ~ Beer and decide what to write.
  • Author Byline – can include you image, real name  or your “nickname”.It is recommend that at least one of the links from your byline should lead to a page where readers can learn more about you.  Social media links will also be included.  We will also include a link back to the bloggers own blog, if they have one.
  • Publishing After your post is approved – it can be several days before it is actually published.

By and large we will only edit post for spelling or completely messed up grammar, otherwise the article/post will be added as is.  We will make attempt for clarification if there are any questions.

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